We have hand picked the best Mario, Luigi, Princes Peach, Mushroom, Koopa and more Super Mario Characters, there are many 3D Mario pictures and 2D wallpapers to choose from. Many of the wallpapers are created by Super Mario fans using a mixture of characters from the olden Super Mario Brothers for the NES and to the present Super Mario World on the Nintendo DS.SuperMarioLuigi.com is always looking to add more Super Mario fan art so keep checking back for more Super Mario Bros wallpapers.

six mushroms Super Paper Mario Mushroom Head Mario Strikers Charged Mario Star Wallpaper Super Mario Characters Mario And Yoshi Super Mario And Luigi Mirror Evil Koopa Team Mario Game Over Turtles Attach Super Mario 2D Mario Frog 7up Mario Mario and Peach Art Mario Tiles 3D Mario And Peach Fine Art 1up Mushroom Mario Feather Luigi NES Level Super Mario Bros NES Super Mario Art Mario Joshi Fan Art Mario Exploading Bombs Mario Biting Flowers 1up Green Mushroom Super Mario Bomb Mario Classic Level Flying Mario Fan Art 3D Mario Level 3D Mario Pipe 3D Mario Desert Mushroom Be Happy Mario 3D Blocks Mario 3D Mini-Koopas cartoon Peach Luigi Fine Art Green Mushroom Super Mario Bros Art Mario Bros Commando Luigi Level Mario Fan Art NES Mario Flying Shy Gathering Luigi Pipe Spyrow Koopa Fan Art Scared mushroom 1up 3D Mushrooms Mario with Real Life Peach Cartoon Drawing Mario iShroom 2D Mario Pipe 3D Biting Flowers Shooting Canons Turtles NES Nintendo Mario Mario Bros Fan Mario Beach Princess Peach Mario TV Purple Mushroom Sword Peach Mario Blast Mario Mountains 3 Mushrooms Mario Flying Missiles Mario SNES Luigi Tiles NES Mario World

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